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      Four Decades of Renewable Energy
      Development & Financing

      Whether you’re a landowner, developer or looking to purchase carbon-free energy, Palmer wants to speak with you.  Whether you’re looking to save money, develop a property or for a clean energy solution, Palmer can help you.  Renewable energy provides a variety of benefits to communities.  With four decades of experience, Palmer is uniquely qualified to evaluate, permit and bring your project on-line.
      Lease to Palmer Capital

      Why lease land, rooftops or other open spaces to Palmer?

      • Make money through lease payments
      • Predictable, continuous long-term revenue streams
      • Monetize previously unproductive land or space
      • No or little upfront cost – a complete turnkey solution
      Why Partner with Palmer on a project development

      Why partner with Palmer on project development?

      • Decades of developing, constructing and operating energy projects
      • Access to internal development capital
      • Expertise in legal and financial analysis including state and federal incentives
      • Flexibility in roles and responsibilities depending on developer’s needs
      • Track record of financing and constructing projects
      Why partner with Palmer on project development?

      Why purchase clean, renewable energy from Palmer?

      • Save money and the earth!
      • Reduce or eliminate electric bills
      • Show your commitment to clean energy