Sumul Shah

Arnav Porkharkar brings a keen  passion for sustainable energy. He plays a crucial role in assessing the technical and financial feasibility of various projects. Leveraging his expertise, he utilizes cutting-edge software such as PV-CAD, PV Syst, and Helioscope to design utility and commercial & industrial (C&I) projects across diverse locations, including New England, Virginia, and Puerto Rico.

Arnav’s journey in the renewable energy sector began in India, where he gained invaluable experience working on utility and C&I solar projects. Equipped with a master’s degree in Energy Systems from Northeastern University, Boston, Arnav possesses a strong academic foundation that complements his practical experience in the field. His academic pursuits have nurtured a comprehensive understanding of energy systems, enabling him to develop innovative and efficient solutions to complex challenges.

With a forward-thinking approach, Arnav strives to bridge the gap between renewable energy technology and economic viability. He envisions a world where renewable energy sources play a central role in meeting our energy needs, and he actively works towards making this vision a reality.