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Why lease land, rooftops or other open spaces to Palmer?

  • Predictable, continuous long-term revenue streams through lease payments
  • Monetize previously unproductive land or space or alongside current land uses
  • Confidence in Palmer to thoroughly communicate and address needs

Over the past forty years, our team has worked with landowners ranging from individuals to government entities to develop renewable energy. Our longevity is a testament to our ability to work with landowners in a transparent and upfront manner.

NM 250MW

It’s your property – we will listen to any concerns or questions you have so that we can meet your expectations and plan for a successful project. After signing a lease agreement with landowners, we keep them informed every step of the way as we pursue the permitting, interconnection, financing, and construction of the projects.

Palmer is committed to being an active participant in our communities. We work with project stakeholders to host charity and community events. We look forward to working with you to share your project with your local community.

If you are interested in hosting renewable energy on your property, please contact us.


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