Air Force Wind Turbine (MMR)


Having been the site of military training and testing for decades, the sole source aquifer that serves the Cape Cod area was found to be contaminated. To clean the water, the Air Force began to filter out the hazardous waste, a process which took ample loads of energy. This filtration was entirely fueled by a coal plant, polluting the region even further. To remedy the juxtaposition of cleaning water by polluting the air, the Air Force sought a wind turbine to power the process.

Palmer affiliate, Solaya Energy LLC, built this turbine. After the procurement, construction, installation, and commissioning of the 1.5 MW turbine, the hazardous waste filtration began to be entirely powered by clean energy and still is today.

LOCATION: Otis Air Force Base, MA
DATE: 2009
PALMER’S ROLE: Constructed by Partner
AMOUNT: $3,152,000