Cohasset, MA


Palmer financed and developed a 515 kilowatt DC (420 kilowatt AC) solar photovoltaic system located on the Town of Cohasset’s closed landfill. The project joined more than 80 solar and wind installations already operating on landfills in the Commonwealth. The project is comprised of 1,536 panels with a footprint of over 1.7 acres including a 12’ by 200’ gravel access roadway for construction and maintenance vehicles.

Construction commenced in March 2017 and was mechanically complete in May 2017. In August 2017 the facility received authorization to interconnect and began producing power.

The project provides the Town of Cohasset with energy at a fixed cost of 8.8 cents per kilowatt hour for the next 20 years. The Town can hope to net $1.5 million in energy cost savings over that timeframe,  depending on further rates for net metering credits. The solar facility will produce power equal to approximately 16% of the Town’s annual electric load.

View real-time solar power and energy production at the Cohasset landfill

LOCATION: Cohasset, MA
DATE: 2017
TECHNOLOGY: Solar Photovoltaic
PALMER’S ROLE: Developer, Investor
AMOUNT: $1,720,000

Cohasset MA Groundbreaking