Equity Industrial Turbines


Palmer affiliate, Solaya Energy LLC, constructed two turbines on the North Shore of Massachusetts in Gloucester. Constructed in 2012, this project presented unique challenges. Because of the city’s shore bound location, the turbine blades and other construction items had to be brought in by barge. In order to meet the deadlines of the project, Solaya fast tracked the schedule, completing construction in just 6 months.

The project is a public-private partnership with 4 MW of electricity serving the needs of the city of Gloucester. In addition to providing consumers with renewable energy, the turbines save the city $500,000 per year in electricity bills. At the time, this project made Gloucester the only city in MA to produce the same amount of energy used by the municipality from wind.

LOCATION: Gloucester, MA
DATE: 2012
PALMER’S ROLE: Constructed by Partner
AMOUNT: $8,973,000