Fairhaven Wind


Palmer teamed up with CCI Energy LLC and Solaya Energy LLC to bring wind energy to this Massachusetts community. For its part, Palmer assisted with start-up capital and the structuring of the transaction to comply with the regulations for net metering as established by the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities.

Palmer also worked with the local utility, the Town of Fairhaven, contractors, the selected wind turbine manufacturer and various financing sources to bring this project to fruition. All of the power from this 2-turbine project is sold to the Town of Fairhaven, including the Town’s adjacent wastewater treatment plant. Besides providing clean and renewable energy to the Town, Fairhaven is also projected to receive about $200,000 in annual benefits from a combination of cost savings by reducing the price it pays per kilowatt hour and from lease and property tax payments for the siting of the turbines on Town property.

Considerable time and resources were expended in educating the Town and its residents about the benefits that will be derived from such a facility. In addition, many studies were completed showing the minimal impact of wind turbines to the adjacent neighborhoods. The project was approved at a Special Town Meeting and commenced operations in May 2012.

LOCATION: Fairhaven, MA
DATE: 2012
TYPE: Wind
PALMER’S ROLE: Co-Developer, Investor
AMOUNT: $8,757,000


Time-lapsed video of the delivery and assembly of the Fairhaven wind turbines.

On March 10, 2012, the Town of Fairhaven hosted a ‘blade-signing’ event for all Fairhaven residents and gathered over an estimated 1500 signatures in support of the project.