Palmer, along with Solaya Energy LLC and Horseshoe Valley Wind, developed, invested, and aided in the financing for a four-turbine project on South Twin Mountain in Roxbury, ME.

The construction of the project included the building of an access road, due to the hard-to-access mountain location and difficult transportation requirements. The project supported local clean energy jobs, including 80 jobs during construction.

The project became operational in November of 2021 and produces 15.3 MW of clean energy, enough to power approximately 4,500 homes per year.

During the development phase of the project, we addressed the needs of residents, but that did not stop when the project became operational. We were able to support local non-profit Hailey Hugs by hosting a fundraising ATV ride to aid in their mission of fighting childhood cancer. Every year, we sponsor scholarships toward the college education of two students graduating from the local high school. Palmer remains an active member of the Roxbury community and is committed to building renewable projects that benefit the towns and residents.

DATE: 2021
PALMER’S ROLE: Developer, Investor, Financing Finder
AMOUNT: Confidential