Scituate Wind


After winning a competitive bid process to construct a 1500 kW turbine on Town property, Solaya Energy LLC partnered with Palmer Capital for the development, permitting, and financing of this project for the Town of Scituate.

The project became operational in the first quarter of 2012 and serves the Town’s adjacent wastewater treatment plant with the balance of the power providing credits to the Town under the provisions of Massachusetts’ Green Communities Act.

Purchasing all the power under a long-term power purchase agreement, the Town forecast that the project will provide 50% of its municipal electrical power needs and save the Town $3 million over the initial 15-year period.

This public-private partnership utilizes the best of both sectors — energy demand and available land from the Town combined with expertise and financing capabilities from experienced private sector participants.

LOCATION: Scituate, MA
DATE: 2012
TYPE: Wind
PALMER’S ROLE: Co-Developer, Investor
AMOUNT: $5,947,000


Views from the top of the wind turbine’s nacelle.

Time-lapsed video of the delivery and assembly of the Scituate wind turbine.

On January 21, 2012, the Town of Scituate hosted a ‘blade-signing’ event for all Scituate residents and gathered an estimated 1250 signatures in support of the project.